Our Approach

Our community liaison team has been deeply engaged since late 2019 in negotiations with freehold broad-acre farmers and landowners for land use agreements to develop our green hydrogen project. Given the project’s expansive scale and semi-rural setting, these landowners constitute the majority of the rural catchment area population, naturally evolving our engagement into community involvement. 

Our team, selected for their community-oriented attributes and regional expertise, effectively navigates negotiations by considering both community needs and project requirements. We understand the importance of robust support from local landowners and the broader community for project success, leveraging our leadership team’s international experience in large-scale project development. 

With local teams intimately acquainted with the region and deeply connected to its populace, we prioritise transparent discussions, mutual trust-building, and partnership development with the community. Our corporate policy ensures local value retention through substantial investments in job creation, skill development, and business growth, fostering community prosperity. 

Actively participating in local events and agricultural shows, our Community Liaison Officers (CLOs) further integrate with the community, attending meetings to introduce and discuss the project. Recognising the significance of individual relationships, we prioritise one-on-one engagement, ensuring discussions align with the best interests of both landholders and the project. 

Project Community Impact

Our commitment to ongoing consultation and engagement with relevant First Nations communities involves a comprehensive strategy focused on various aspects:

  • Fred Taylor (Yamatji elder), serves as an advisor to OE, providing relevant perspectives and impactful guidance, especially in addressing the needs and concerns of the local First Nations communities.
  • Decision-Making Involvement: First Nations communities are included in decision-making processes related to the project, ensuring that their perspectives and concerns are taken into account. This involvement extends to aspects such as land use, cultural heritage preservation, and environmental impact mitigation. 
  • Consultation and Engagement Models: We seek to implement ongoing consultation and engagement models that are consistent, transparent, and responsive to the needs and interests of the First Nations communities. This involves regular meetings, feedback mechanisms, and cultural awareness training to facilitate effective communication and understanding. 

Location: Oakajee/Geraldton & Surrounding Area

Number of jobs: 2,000 – 2,400 jobs (Stage 1 of 5)

Construction phase jobs created: Engineers, Technicians, Environmental & Safety Specialists, Construction Workers, Project Planners, along with other jobs created indirectly throughout the community to meet the requirements of this influx of workers.

Operation phase jobs created: Maintenance & Repair, Facility Management, Specialised Technology Maintenance & Repair

Skills: Logistics, Hydrogen Safety & Environmental Compliance, Renewable Energy Integration, Rural Organisation

Training Opportunities: Project Management Certification, Hydrogen Technology, Public Engagement & Communication, Data Analysis & Reporting.

We are aiming for project construction to begin in 2026.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to driving benefit for all of our project partners and our joint vision to actually make a difference. We aim to:

  • Position Mid-West WA as a preferred Australian renewable hydrogen hub by harnessing the region’s exceptional renewable energy resources in line with the WA governments ambitions;
  • Establish a first of its kind behind the meter renewable energy hydrogen export project positioned on freehold land;
  •  Aid the Australian industry in progressing towards net-zero carbon emissions by providing renewable hydrogen domestically to significant industrial consumers in Western Australia;
  • Drive WA’s potential for green steel manufacture, lowering Australias stage 3 carbon emissions and promoting industry independence;
  • Facilitate investment into local infrastructure capabilities.

Community Team

Screen Shot 2024-04-18 at 8.33.04 am

Darrell Forth

Community Liaison Officer
(Geraldton, Australia)
Council, Chapman Valley

Screen Shot 2024-04-18 at 8.33.25 am

Rob Hanson

Community Advisor
(Geraldton, Australia)
MD Midwest Solar Power

Screen Shot 2024-04-18 at 8.33.45 am

Nicole Edwards

CLO Support / Administration
(Geraldton, Australia)

Screen Shot 2024-04-18 at 8.34.05 am

Brendin Flanigan

Community Liaison Officer
(Geraldton Australia)

Our community team has deep roots in the area, fostering a commitment to witness the local community not only endure but flourish as the project gains momentum. At Oakajee Energy, community support is not just a prerequisite; it is a cornerstone of our ethos, ensuring that the benefits of our endeavors extend far beyond the realm of renewable energy.