Oakajee Energy

Shaping our future with green energy

At Oakajee Energy, we are driven by a genuine commitment to sustainable progress and responsible energy solutions. Our mission is to harness the abundant natural resources of Western Australia’s green fields farmlands to pioneer the production of clean energy through wind and solar technologies. By utilising our worldwide recognised wind and solar resources within the region to create a hub for green hydrogen and ammonia production, we aim to power the future and build resilience for the Mid West economy through innovation that respects both the environment and our communities.

We are dedicated to building a future where renewable energy not only meets the highest standards of efficiency but also fosters economic growth and community well-being. In collaboration with local landholders and communities, we seek to establish a harmonious relationship that empowers the region while contributing to the global transition to a carbon-neutral economy.

Green Hydrogen and Ammonia Export

Sustainable Energy Production

Community Partnership and Empowerment